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Few criminal charges are as sensitive as domestic violence. In the fervor to prevent violence in households, many prosecutors aggressively pursue these cases, often at the expense of proper consideration of the accused. At the Law Office of Cricket Browne, LLC, our dedicated Elkton criminal defense attorneys are also former law clerks for the Circuit Court of Cecil County. We understand our court system and just how fiercely the rights of the accused need to be protected. No matter what allegations our clients face, they can rest assured that their voices will compellingly be put forth before the law.

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Understanding Domestic Abuse Charges

"Domestic abuse" is a blanket term that can encompass a number of different offenses. Child abuse, assault, false imprisonment, stalking, and other offenses can all be considered domestic abuse in the courtroom if the alleged victim is a family or household member. Still, there are important key factors to keep in mind that are specific to these charges.

Key factors in a domestic abuse case:

  • It doesn't just mean spouses: while domestic abuse cases often involve violence between spouses, Md. Ann. [Fam.] Code §§ 4-501 and 14–101 has a broader definition of what can be considered domestic violence. It can include former spouses, unmarried parents, as well as any other individuals who are living together under the same roof.
  • There doesn't necessarily need to be a warrant: Maryland police are sometimes allowed to arrest individuals who they suspect are guilty of domestic violence without a warrant. If officers believe that an individual has hurt someone they live with and it is possible that they will hurt others if not arrested, will flee, or that they have violated a protective (restraining) order, they may put a suspect in custody.
  • New aggravating factors: In 2014, lawmakers passed a new law that makes harsher penalty enhancements possible for those convicted of domestic violence if a minor was present at the time of the offense. In Maryland, a minor is anyone under the age of 18.

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