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While divorce is never easy, the choice you make in legal representation can make a big impact on how long and stressful your divorce is. It is important to choose a lawyer who is knowledgeable, experienced, and truly committed to helping you resolve your case in your best interests.

You’ll find the compassionate representation you need at the Law Office of Cricket Browne, LLC. Attorney Browne and her team are highly experienced legal professionals who tirelessly seek results on behalf of our clients. When you retain our firm, you can expect high quality counsel from an Elkton divorce attorney who sincerely cares about you and your family.

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Maryland Divorce Basics

Maryland has relatively unique laws regarding divorce when compared to other states, and residents have the ability to seek either an absolute divorce, or a limited divorce.

  • Absolute Divorce: This is essentially what most people think of, as it ends with the couple no longer being married in any legal sense. This is a complete dissolution of marriage.
  • Limited Divorce: This can be thought of as a legal separation. Matters of child custody, property division, spousal support, etc. are all addressed, but the couple remains legally married at the end.

To file for divorce, you or your spouse must have been a Maryland resident for at least one full year prior to filing for divorce. Alternatively, you may file for a fault-based divorce, which requires you to prove that something your spouse did caused irreparable damage to the marriage. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Adultery
  • Insanity
  • Cruel or vicious behavior

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