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Family law matters can present some of the most emotional and sensitive legal issues imaginable. Families who were once tight-knit and amiable could suddenly see themselves torn apart by the friction of a contested divorce or child support matter. Because divorce can be among the most important and life-changing legal decisions you can make, it is encouraged that you speak with a trusted legal advisor from Law Office of Cricket Browne, LLC who can guide you and your family every step of the way.

Our Maryland family lawyers can provide comprehensive counsel for:

  • Divorce and separation - A divorce or separation can be stressful and financially challenging. Our attorneys can help you with even the most complex divorce matters and, if needed, aggressively advocate for your best interests in court.
  • Divorce mediation - Our lawyers are experienced mediators in divorce matters. We can help you negotiate an amicable agreement to help ease the process for terminating your marriage.
  • Child support issues - In the state of Maryland, calculating child support can become a complex matter. Our attorneys can help you establish or modify a child support order.

Any legal matter can cause a major emotional and financial upheaval in your life. We understand the needs of our clients and keep ourselves readily accessible at all times. From compassionate counsel to maintaining open lines of communication, we are thoroughly prepared to be your source of trusted guidance during this new, but potentially invigorating, chapter of your life.

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When the stakes are incredibly high, you will want to make certain that your rights and interests are being advocated by a skilled legal professional. At the Law Office of Cricket Browne, LLC, we know that our clients and their families deserve high-quality legal care. We strive to demonstrate the genuine compassion and care that we have for our clients in all we do.

We have established a reputation for providing the following:

  • Personalized legal support
  • Powerful legal advocacy
  • Prioritized availability and accessibility
  • Open and honest client communication

If you are considering divorce or have been served with divorce papers, do not assume that you have to move forward with your case on your own power. With the right legal guidance, you can receive the encouragement and assurance that you need to make empowered decisions for your future. We even go the extra mile to provide our clients with copies of all legal documents pertaining to the most recent developments of their case. With our legal team at your side, you will always be aware of how your case is progressing, completely eliminating unnecessary stress or anxiety.

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Are you ready to move forward with your life? Are you looking to take ownership of a new chapter of your life? If so, our Elkton divorce attorneys are here to guide your steps and help you along the way. To learn how we can provide you with the counsel and support that you need, request a free case consultation. We'd be happy to speak with you and learn your story.

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